Five Big Mistakes You Are Making In the Social Economy Jungle

In my last article Five Steps to Surviving the Social Economy Jungle we talked about how our economy is shifting away from traditional marketing and towards a “social economy” where marketing is cheap but not as easy as paying a advertising salesperson to do your ad for you. We also talked about the five steps to creating your presence on social media. The “must dos”.

Now let’s talk about what not to do because you can quickly make an ass of yourself if you are not careful. There is no filter to stop you from posting something totally tasteless. Just ask Cinnabon Who recently posted what many considered to be a tasteless picture of Carrie Fisher on the day of her death with the caption “best buns in the galaxy”. The back lash was swift and severe. Cinnabon apologized but not before the damage was done.

  1.  Do not use your personal page for your business page. It sounds silly but your business “persona” and your personal persona are totally different and some people will get confused. I even have a public figure page for myself in addition to my personal page and then I have separate pages for my businesses. Pages give me so many options that my regular page does not.
  2. Stay away from scheduled posts. One of the cool things you can do with your page is a scheduled post that you can do weeks or days in advance. It can be a good tool for say New Years Eve when you might be out with friends but want to make a post at midnight, but it can totally backfire if you’re not careful.  When the Boston Marathon Bombings took place  some scheduled posts went out that looked to be incredibly insensitive. In reality they were tweets that were planned weeks in advance and by coincidence were tweeted out the day of the Boston Marathon bombing. To be fair  I do use scheduled posts but very little.
  3.  Do not re-post news unless you know the source. It literally boggles my mind how many of my very educated friends post total crap that is patently untrue. If you do this as a marketer people will lose faith in you and stop paying in attention and as Gary Vanerchuck says we are day trading in attention. All you really have on social media is your reputation and that can crash and burn in minutes.
  4.  Do not limit your video because of lack of “professionalism”. I have recorded videos in 4k and I have used my phone with a broken camera lens. Social media is a funny thing. There is an expectation of homegrown videos. Some of my most popular videos have been with me holing my phone up so long my arm begins to shake. You have what you need to post if you have a smartphone.
  5. Do not sell all the time. Yes, this is a rehash from my last article but it is so important that I am bringing it up again. Some of your posts have to be about education or entertainment and not about monetizing your followers for person gain. In a way social media works the way the world does. You have to give value before you can ask for something in return. I am all about giving value. I give a ton of content away for free. If you’re a painter do an online class for free. An accountant could do this in a heartbeat. Think of that. An accountant that’s always posting in your community with his tips and tricks. Guess who I will call when my accountant retires or moves or just plain makes me mad? It’s about the long game.

Good luck!


Stafford Shurden is a marketing and business coach and has been in business for himself for 20 years. He also owns 1933 Restaurant, Shurden Farms, and Stafford Media. You can email Stafford at 



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