Content, Content, Content

When I was a young business student at Mississippi State University we had one mantra for small business. Location, location, location. While that still has some validity I must say that things have changed quite a bit since the early 90s. You have a location that is right in front of  two thirds of Americans and it is a great one.

According to a Pew Research Poll from 2015, two thirds of Americans own smart phones which is a 35% increase in just four years. A 2016 survey shows 68% of all Americans have a Facebook page. You have access to a  location that is literally in the back pocket of most Americans.

The playing field is more level for small business marketing that it has ever been in my lifetime and it may never be this much parity again. Now is the time to take some action and there is only one way to woo the masses. Content, content, content!

The goal is to become a media company. You have a gift horse opportunity to market directly to the consumer with no middle man padding his pockets with your hard earned money. It won’t be easy but it will be fun and rewarding.

Our goal at our family of businesses is to produce content on a daily basis. Sometimes in lieu of not having a creative day we may re-post content particular to our industry. We use photos, video, blogs, and tweets all with one goal in mind. To add value to the consumer.

What we do not do is produce advertising. Advertising and marketing are brothers but advertising is to self centered to understand. This is not about you. Your content should add value. It should make people learn, or entertain.

We do throw in the occasional advertisement but we use this sparingly. I believe people have blinders on to straight up advertisement. You know, the ones that have a call to action. However, if you develop a close relationship with a consumer by adding value to his or her life they will be much more open to a call to action like hey buy my book or come in my restaurant for Valentine’s Day.

Our first job as entrepreneurs and business people is to make the world a better place for our employees, for our customers, and for our community. All I am saying is that if you indeed believe that by all means document it. Share your story with the world. I really believe that we all have a good one to tell.

Stafford Shurden is a marketing and business coach and has been in business for himself for 20 years. He also owns 1933 Restaurant, Shurden Farms, and Stafford Media. You can email Stafford at 


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