Is the Root of Evil Your limit?

I spend most of this blog to talk about using social media to increase your business but I want to branch out a little today to talk about what is really limiting you and me. The one thing that keeps us from greatness. It is our beliefs.

For years I had a bad vision of money. On the one hand I wanted so badly to be obscenely wealthy (see what I just did without even realizing) on the other I saw that as well… obscene. What could I possibly need more than say $xxxxxx a year for?  Guess what was my top earning for many many years?

I used to quote the Bible as any good southerner could.”Money is the root of all evil,” I would say. One day I was doing some reading and came across another quote. “The love of money is the root of many evils.” I stopped right then and got out my Bible to see if I had been quoting it wrong all these years.

Indeed I was wrong. Only a little but this subtle change totally changed the way I saw money. It is indeed an inanimate object that only possesses the heart of it’s owner. For me this belief that money was a bad thing was a limiting belief. It is not my only one. I have had to re-evaluate my own life to find these limiting beliefs like this one.

Life really is 80% physiology and only 20% mechanics. You can be the smartest guy in the room but still be the lowest performer if you have limiting beliefs. They may be something you read, something your parents said with the best of intentions, something a teacher said, or something from a bad experience.

You’re most important job in life is to figure out what empowers you and what limits you. No one but you knows what that is, especially your family. The hardest lesson in life is that often the people you love most will be the ones that hold you back. Not because they don’t love you, on the contrary, it’s because they do and they are afraid of being left behind. Every single time someone tells you you can’t do something they are really saying you can’t because I couldn’t, or even sadder why did I give up.

I am going to give you a little homework. Write down some of your core beliefs. Are they really yours or did someone tell you to believe that? How are these beliefs in conflict with your goals in life? What beliefs can you replace the limiting ones with that can empower you?

I would love to see what some of you guys and girls come up with. Feel free to email me and tell me how this goes.

Stafford Shurden is a marketing and business coach and has been in business for himself for 20 years. He also owns 1933 Restaurant, Shurden Farms, and Stafford Shurden Coaching and is an elected Justice Court Judge.  You can email Stafford at 



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