Focus or Fail

You may hear me say this all the time, “where focus goes, energy flows.” I actually stole that quote from Tony Robbins but I am pretty sure he learned it from somewhere else as well. Most great Ideas are built off of someone else’s great ideas. There are very few original ones left. I have often opined that I can only see so far because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.

The great thing about buying into this concept is that you do not have to invent success. Success leaves clues and you can emulate the people you admire. There are many ways to do this. You can read a book by or about the person you want to emulate. You can go to an event, maybe a business seminar or a Church Revival. You could just befriend someone you admire right in your own community and ask them to mentor you. You could hire a life/executive coach. The choices are endless.

The key is to focus on what you want and measure it daily. The how is not important. If the what is compelling enough the how will come to you. You can learn it. You are not stupid.

The reason most people fail is their focus wains because the goals they have set for themselves are not compelling enough to narrow their focus.

Take the guy that wants to lose 30 pounds. He wants to get rid of that beer belly and he hates how it looks.  He wants to lose the weight but he can’t seem to stay away from that hamburger at lunch and that big juicy ribeye on Friday night. One day at a regular check up his doctor says he will die if he doesn’t lose the 30 pounds. Do you think his focus has shifted? Is death more compelling for him than looking good?

That is how simple life is. I talk a lot about having goals but if goals do not compel you to action they weren’t very good goals in the first place. Make your goals so compelling you feel as if you will die if you don’t achieve them and find success stories of people who have achieved what it is you want.

Remember to never set a goal without taking some type of action toward achieving it. This makes a huge mental shift in your sub-conscience, and if you haven’t taken action you haven’t truly decided.

Stafford Shurden is a marketing and business coach and has been in business for himself for 20 years. He also owns 1933 Restaurant, Shurden Farms, and Stafford Shurden Coaching and is an elected Justice Court Judge.  You can email Stafford at 


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